Our Story

We are a family business with a passion for providing high-quality furniture at affordable prices. 

Our Italian manufacturer is situated between the beautiful cities of Florence and Pisa. They are a family run firm, like ourselves, who were established in 1938, initially making just the wooden framework for the suites.

They were masters of their trade and realised that they needed to expand and do their own upholstery, and become a furniture brand in their own right.

A question that we are frequently asked is, ‘are the frames made from ‘real’ wood?’ The answer being a resounding ‘Yes!’ And for a small additional fee, they would be happy to reinforce the already sturdy frame with the addition of wooden slats to reinforce the seats; this is especially important for the slightly heavier customer.

Gary Simpson went out to visit the factory recently, and below are some of the photos he took while he was there. To say he was impressed just doesn’t do it justice!

They take great pride in their business and the products that they produce, and employ a small army of Italian craftsmen, whose skills have been handed down from generation to generation.

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